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Learn how EcoCart can help you leverage your sustainability story across your customer experience to drive real business results.


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Calculate the carbon emissions of each order

EcoCart’s proprietary algorithm estimates each unique order’s carbon footprint in real-time by looking at variables like shipping distance, package weight, and product type.

One-click climate contribution at checkout

Drive conversion and build loyalty by educating your customers on their carbon footprint and the impact they are making by shopping at your brand.

End-to-end sustainable shopping experiences

Attract and engage customers with in-depth multi-touch sustainability stories that showcase real-time impact, provide transparency into your sustainability initiatives, and drive product discovery.

Track efforts and share the results

Leverage insights through your EcoCart analytics dashboard with digestible metrics to better understand your carbon footprint and your sustainable shoppers.

Keep shoppers coming back for more

Arm your owned and paid channel strategies with educational sustainability content and promotions proven to drive acquisition, engagement, and conversion.

Get started on your sustainability journey with EcoCart today!

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